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300SOUNDTRACK: HOSE-Mobo (single) (1981).

hoseHose was Rick Rubin’s first band and this single was the first release on Def Jam records.  Rubin is on guitar.  I would never have known of this release if it weren’t for the Hip Hop family Tree.

This three song single is a noisy slab of art punk.

The first side “Mobo” is a fairly conventional punk song.  There’s a loud fuzzy bass riff.  The drums are surprisingly tame (although I understand it may have been recorded on a boombox or something).  The guitars are mostly noise.  And the vocals are pretty clean (if bizarre).  It seems to be a part of (and maybe even precursor to) the sludge punk movement of the early 80s.

The B-side included 2 songs.  “Girls” which is 20 seconds of pure hardcore (the only word is girls).  As the song feedbacks out, they begin to do a crazy slow nonsensical cover of “We’re Going to the Zoo” (for over 3 minutes!).

Hose also released an album (called Hose) which I can’t even find online anywhere.  Guess Rubin’s not so proud of this.

[READ: November 24, 2014] Hip Hop/Comic Connection Pt. 2

This supplement to Hip Hop Family Tree was created by Rod Spike (think anagram). It shows the early connections for him between comic books and hip hop.

The book talks about the way that these two loves of his life merged in the 1990s.

We begin with Spike Lee in his early days (making the video for “White Lines, for instance).  Then we meet cartoonist and illustrator Rob Liefeld, doing work for Marvel.

Spike had made some big time commercials at this point and was ready to make one for Levis.  Liefeld submitted his name to be cast in the  upcoming Levis commercial.  Lee picked him and they made the commercial together (the comic version of Liefeld in this book is done in the style of Liefeld’s work, so he is crazy and creepy whereas in real life he’s a pretty normal looking kid). (more…)

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