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beraSOUNDTRACK: ANDRA DAY-Tiny Desk Concert #478 (October 13, 2015).

andra Andra Day looks…unusual.  Her hair is put up in a yellow scarf, she has a day-glo green clip in the front of her hair. She has dramatic eye liner on and bright red lips.  It’s quite a look.  And when she contorts her face in voice–the makeup really accentuates everything–as if she was made up for the stage rather than a close up.

But she earns the look with her powerful voice and delivery.

“Forever Mine” is an R&B song that her band assist with nice backing vocals. I love that the pianist is playing what sound lie a toy piano on top of the real piano.

“Rise Up” has a descending vocal melody that’s not unlike Prince.  It is a simple ballad played on keys and acoustic guitar.  The end has a kind of gospel tinge (and of course she does the vocal gymnastics of the genre that I really hate).  This could easily be in a movie or on some TV singing show.

Before “Gold” she asks “am I allowed to say that?” but I can’t figure out what she’s asking about as there’s nothing bad in the song that I can hear.  Of the three songs this is my favorite, particularly her unusual deliver of some of the verses and the neat keyboard sound they use.  Of course it drives me a little nuts that she sings “slipping true my hands” (her backing singers do actually sing “through” thankfully), but this is a good dramatic set ender.

[READ: October 12, 2016] Bera The One-Headed Troll

This is an unusual book.  It’s kind of cute, but in a dark and creepy way.  The whole book is done in tones of brown, making it unique in its appearance.

It took me a few dozen pages to get into this book (which is 126 pages–pretty long for a children’s graphic novel), but once the flow started happening, I thought it was quite good.

The slowness in the beginning was largely because of exposition–some of which wasn’t really necessary, I don’t think.

I also felt some confusion about Bera herself. Bera is a one-headed troll.  The fact that this is important enough to be the title seems like it should be addressed in some way in the story. But it isn’t.  We meet some other trolls with more than one head, but it’s unclear if they get more heads as they get older or if they are born that way.  Her one-headedness is never actually addressed. (more…)

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