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38SOUNDTRACK: SAN FERMIN-“Crueler Kind” (2013).

This was the final song that NPR played in their summer new music collection.  It was a band that Bob didn’t know, but he liked the song and then saw them live and put the song here.

It opens very simply, quietly with beautiful harmonies over a simple synth.  After about 45 seconds, the drums and horns (!) kick in and the backing harmony vocals take on more of a choral sound (AHHHH!) that punctuates rather than accompanies the vocals.

The main riff stems from that horn—a bass saxophone?  And yet during the verses, everything resorts to that pretty, mellow sound.

It’s a very interesting mix of musics, and it reminds me of some of the more experimental bands of the 1990s.  I’ll bet they would be fun to see live.  And I’d like to hear more from this album.

[READ: June 20, 2013] McSweeney’s #38

And with this book, I have now read all of the McSweeney’s issues (except that Mammoth Treasury which I will get to, probably by the end of the year).  This one was a great collection of fiction and non-fiction, it also had an inserted comic.  The book itself was paperback, with a nice, textured cover and a cool design for the numbers. In looking for a picture I learned that it came in two colors (the yellow that I received and a black cover with white lines).

It continues with the later issues’ less frivolous style (in that there’s nothing weird about the book) and throughout, the quality of the work is great.  I really enjoyed this book.  It opens with letters and contains color pictures, too.

Letters (more…)

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2013SOUNDTRACK: a parrot-“Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” (2010).

parrotI remember when this song came out and that it was a pretty big hit in metal circles.  I had pretty much forgotten about it (and Drowning Pool, whose name I had to look up) when this parrot version started circulating.

My friend had a parrot who could mimic her (and my) voice so uncannily that I actually thought she was in a room when she wasn’t.  The fact that this parrot can mimic the cookie monster style vocal of this song just makes it all the funnier.  I also enjoy when the parrot gets squeaky on a few of the notes.  Even though this video is two years old, it was one of my favorites of 2012.

There appears to be an “original” video of this, but it’s only 40 seconds long.  The one I have below is almost 80 seconds, so there’s twice as much fun.

[READ: January 3, 2012] “Opportunity Knocks”

The only reason I’m writing about this article is because I once went to an Arena Football game.  It was the year I graduated high school.  I now cant even find any history of the team existing–I’m sure they were based in New Jersey, but the only team I can find from that time in the area was a New York team which played in Madison Square Garden–and I can’t imagine we drove to MSG for a football game.

Anyhow, this article discusses the future of the AFL–Arena Football League.  The league was founded in 1986 and has expanded and contracted over the years with teams forming for a year and then moving elsewhere the next.  The league began was 4 teams and has had as many as 18.  It’s a crazy scenario with the league’s popularity rising and falling not in proportion to the number of teams, but to some seemingly arbitrary force.

The article’s main question concerns the AFL’s recent contract which will have the league airing games on CBS during prime time.  So, is this league–which shut down completely and filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2009 ready to be on network TV?  (After the bankruptcy, the worked out some kind of deal and reformed in 2010.)

Rich suggests that it may indeed be time.  As I mentioned the other day in the Grantland review, the NFL has been cracking down on violence (to whatever degree) over the last few years.  And so, as the NFL gets more delicate, it’s time for the AFL to step in.  The AFL has no such delicacies in place.  Indeed, it is almost designed for violence and injuries.  Why shouldn’t it succeed? (more…)

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