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madras2 SOUNDTRACK: RHEOSTATICS-Live at The Corel Center, Ottawa, ON, (November 28, 1996 & November 29, 1996).

core;There are two Rheostatics shows recorded at the Corel Centre (Nov 28, Nov 29).  This was a gig opening for the Tragically Hip, which was probably the biggest crowd they ever played to.  Gord Downie even mentions them on the live album that the Hip recorded from this tour (Live Between Us).

The Rheos usually play sets that are about two hours.  These opening slots are 45 minutes, so with the two shows together you get nearly a normal Rheos show.  And there’s only a little duplication among these two shows–their big hit “Claire,” their new hit “Bad Time to Be Poor” and, interestingly, “Motorino.”

Otherwise, between the two shows we get the other great songs: “Fat,” “California Dreamlime,” “Self-Serve Gas Station,” “Fan Letter To Michael Jackson,” “All The Same Eyes,”  “Aliens,” “Dopefiends And Boozehounds,” “Feed Yourself,” “Horses,” and the little instrumentals (48 seconds) “Artenings Made of Gold” and (1:41) “Digital Beach.”

The sound quality isn’t spectacular–it’s clearly a fan recording.  But the quality is certainly good enough to really enjoy.  These come across as a kind of best of from 1996.

[READ: January 10, 2014] Bobcat

I don’t usually mention the book publisher when I post about books, but I’m quite taken with Madras Press.  From their website:

Madras Press publishes limited-edition short stories and novella-length booklets and distributes the proceeds to a growing list of non-profit organizations chosen by our authors.  The format of our books provides readers with the opportunity to experience stories on their own, with no advertisements or miscellaneous stuff surrounding them.

The format is a 5″ x 5″ square books that easily fit into a pocket.  At present there are four series with four books in each series.

Proceeds from Lee’s book go to Riverkeeper.org.

I really enjoyed this story a lot.  It has many elements that seem disparate and yet they blend perfectly at the end.

The story is set at a dinner party.  The hostess is planning a tureen, although she acknowledges that it probably won’t be very good.  She is also picking a fight with her husband about the book he is writing.  In the novel, there’s a woman he fantasizes about and she knows it is not her.  She argues that it is really his editor, with whom he spends a lot of time (even though the character is nothing like her).  He denies it outright–laughs it off in fact. (more…)

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