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[POSTPONED: May 28, 2020] Nada Surf / S.G. Goodman

indexI saw Nada Surf a few months ago and  the show was great.  They are such a tight band and their songs are super catchy. Matthew Caws is a wonderful front man (and super nice guy).

Because I had just seen them I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go.  Well, I wanted to go, but I didn’t know if I should since I was going to so many other shows.  But since it was so close, I wanted to take S. to experience the joy.

I don’t know if this is the kind of thing that would get rescheduled, but I sure hope so.

S.G. Goodman is a singer-songwriter from Western Kentucky known for her rootsy sound and raw, honest lyricism. Her debut album came out in March.

I’ve listened to “The Way I Talk” and wow, what a cool song.  A simple repetitive beat with Goodman’s raw voice.  She doesn’t sing like a country singer (so that’s good), she tells a song story that ends with some amazing guitar feedback.  I’d love to see her live.

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[CANCELLED: May 7, 2020] The House of Love / Alex Nicol

indexTo me The House of Love are a quintessential college band.  I loved all three or four of their albums, listened to them a lot and then kind of lost them in the shuffle of new music.

But every time I hear a House of Love song it makes me happy.  So when they announced an American tour (their first American tour in nearly 30 years) I knew I’d have to go.

I was very sad to hear that the whole tour was going to be cancelled instead of postponed, but they did promise that they’d try to make it back, so while it is officially cancelled, we’ll still hold out hope for a future date.

Alex Nicol is a Canadian folk singer whose songs are kind of slow and downbeat.

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[POSTPONED: April 23, 2020] Kurt Vile / Cate Le Bon / Stella Mozgawa [moved to September 4]

indexI saw Kurt Vile at White Eagle Hall two years ago and his show was really great–more complex and interesting than I thought it would be (I imagined a lengthy chill out jam, which it was, but it was much more).

S and I also saw him tour with Courtney Barnett which was a totally cool show.

S. has been enjoying Kurt a lot this past year so I decided to get us both tickets to this reasonably close show.

I was actually quite excited that Cate le Bon was opening or playing with him or however that was going to work.  I have wanted to see the quirky Welsh singer for some time.  I was supposed to see her last summer but my plans changed and I couldn’t go.  I assumed that Cate would play first and then Kurt and they’d probably play some together.

Stella Mozgawa is the drummer for the band Warpaint.  She has also played drums for Kurt Vile and Cate Le Bon’s last couple of albums.

I’m not sure what she was going to do, but I sure how she is going to play with them in September.

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[POSTPONED: April 16, 2020] Kishi Bashi / Tall Tall Trees

indexWe saw Kishi Bashi back in November and it was one of the best concerts I have ever been too.  The spectacle was amazing. We were in exactly the right place to help him crowd surf and he played the encore in the middle of the audience.  It was also his birthday.

When I saw that he was playing again and at White Eagle Hall, I wasn’t sure if seeing him again so soon after the other show would somehow diminish the previous show.  But it was worth the risk.

Now with the delay, even more time will have past which makes the show even more appealing.

Tall Tall Trees is the banjo player is Kishi Bashi’s band.  He’s a fantastic player, using his banjo as a percussive as well as a stringed instrument.  I like his albums (although not quite as much as I want to).  I imagined he’d be terrific live.

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[POSTPONED: April 4, 2020] Parquet Courts / Public Practice [moved to July 13, with a show at another venue on July 8]

indexI’ve seen Parquet Courts twice and enjoyed both shows more than I thought I would.  I wasn’t sure if I’d need to see them again, but when I saw that they were playing White Eagle Hall in Jersey City–a great venue that is pretty close to me, I immediately grabbed tickets.  It then sold out.  And then I found out that our Scout Troop had an even planned that night so I couldn’t go anyway.

So this postponement worked out pretty well.  Except that the rescheduled show is right during out Troop’s Summer Camp.  The Scouts don’t want me to see this band!

Public Practice has been described as post-punk with an overtly danceable element.  Sounds like a perfect pairing for Parquet Courts.

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[ATTENDED: February 29, 2020] We Were Promised Jetpacks

I saw We Were Promised Jetpacks two years ago at Boot & Saddle, a wonderfully intimate place to see a band.  Although I had read that when they played slightly bigger venues, they really maximized the stage space.  In particular, guitarist Michael Palmer was a wild man.

Last time, lead singer Adam Thompson had a shaved head and he looked kind of fierce.  For this show, his hair was grown back and he was giddy, smiling up and down at everyone and clearly enjoying himself.

What was also different was Michael Palmer.  When he came out, I thought–I don’t remember him looking like that at all. Did he grow his hair super long?  And why is he so mellow over there?  Well, it turned out that that was not Michael Palmer. Palmer retired after last year’s tour (which I was supposed to go to but then couldn’t).  This new guitarist was Andy Monaghan from Frightened Rabbit. His playing was excellent, but he was not a very dynamic performer.  That just meant that Thompson was the main focus as he strode around the stage and hammed it up for the people up front to take pictures. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: February 29, 2020] Slaughter Beach, Dog

I had heard, vaguely, of Slaughter Beach, Dog but I didn’t know anything about them.  So I was really surprised that a band with a name like that wound up playing quiet folky music.

The band was a three piece, but aside from singer guitarist Jake Ewald, I don’t know who else was on stage.

I found out after the show that Ewald was previously the singer/guitarist for Modern Baseball, a band I’d heard of but didn’t know.  I also read that Ian Farmer, bassist for Modern Baseball played on the latest Slaughter Beach, Dog album.  But I’m not sure if that was him on stage.

So they came out on stage, and Jake Ewald was soft spoken and funny.  Had I known he had been a front man for so long, I wouldn’t have assumed he seemed a little nervous or shy up there.  Perhaps that’s just the persona for Slaughter Beach, Dog (I have no idea what he was like for Modern Baseball).

They played about seven or eight or ten songs. (more…)

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