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I have personally caused the demise of many awesome shows.  But never has the turnover been so immediate.  I learned about and watched on TiVo the first two seasons of Party Down approximately 17 days ago.  And today I learned that the show’s third season (which just finished and which I have not yet seen) is to be its last. My powers have increased manifold!

Here’s the (more or less) official link. (more…)

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We’d seen ads for this show (who hasn’t?) but we weren’t that interested.   It’s on Starz for crying out loud, and it’s a summer fill in show.  Then we found out the credentials of the show:  The auteur behind the much missed Veronica Mars (Rob Thomas) is a producer/writer/creator.  (As is Paul Rudd! And Dan Etheridge (who has worked with Kevin Smith quite a lot).

The show stars a number of great actors: Ken Marino, Jane Lynch!, Ryan Hansen (Dick Casablancas from Veronica Mars), Martin Starr (playing a major jerk), and two actors who get pretty high billing that I didn’t know: Adam Scott and Lizzy Caplan. (more…)

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