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[ATTENDED: February 20, 2019] The Well Wish

The Well Wish is a married duo (sometimes with a band).  They are from NJ and were picked to open for Lily & Madeleine at The Saint.

Because of a miscommunication with the woman at the door, I wound up missing almost their entire set (and I was a block away).

I saw two songs by them.   On the first one, singer Anya Schildge played keys while Patrick Angeloni played acoustic guitar.  For the second (and final) song, Schlidge switched to guitar.  They were accompanied by Lily & Madeleine’s cello played Shannon Hayden because their violinist couldn’t make it.

I really enjoyed their music and am quite bummed that I missed so much of their set.  There was a folk feel (complimented by the cello) but with pop sensibilities [their influences: Florence and the Machine, Radiohead, and Bonnie Raitt]. (more…)

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